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Custom Foam Cutting

GT Cases offers custom CNC foam cutting services to ensure a perfect fit for whatever you're carrying.

We have developed custom foam solutions for a wide range of customers in emergency services, education, hunting, utilities, electronics manufacturing, original equipment, construction, government & defence, medical, engineering, mining, and energy sectors. You can see some examples of our work below.

How long does the process take?

Our design team will first work with you to develop conceptual CAD drawings of your custom foam solution. Once approved, the finished foam inserts take between one to two weeks to manufacture and shipped to you anywhere in Australia.

What do you need to provide?

To ensure a perfect fit for the item(s) you will be carrying in your case, we recommend that the item be sent to us for accurate measurement. Alternatively, we can arrange a time to visit you to carry out the measurements, depending on your location. We can also easily work from technical drawings if available.

For quoting purposes, we simply need to know the size of the case you require and the type of material you want to use for your custom foam insert. A photo of the item would also be required. We can then send you a no-obligation quote for your consideration.

How much does a custom foam insert cost?

This depends on the complexity of the cut-out design and the size of the case the foam insert is going into. The cost will also depend on the type of materials used.

What materials are used?

We offer a wide range of materials from standard grade foam to high-grade, ultra-shock absorbing foam and ESD safe foams. We also offer a variety of different colours.

What are the applications?

We can design and manufacture custom foam inserts for almost anything including Explorer Cases, Pelican Cases, Flight Cases, Custom Made Cases, Draws, Tubs, and more!

We also manufacture custom panel mounts within cases for different types of equipment including monitors, screens and keyboards.

Some of our custom foam solutions